Chakra Stone Set with 7 Crystals - Smudge Gift Kitcrystal

Chakra Stone Set with 7 Crystals - Smudge Gift Kit

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Cleansing and protecting your chakras is a powerful tool to help balance yourself. Each of these stones corresponds with a particular chakra. The cage can contain the Chakra crystal you feel needs attention to restore balance. Occasionally even though the cage does stretch you may be lucky enough to get a crystal too big for the cage, after all, these are natural products. Also, you can swap out the cotton necklace for your own chain if you wish. 


  • 7 Chakra Crystals that correspond with each of your chakras
  • 1 - 3" white California sage stick for spiritual cleansing 
  • 1 - 4" Abalone Shell - Petite and Gorgeous
  • 1 - Wooden Stand for Shell display
  • 1 Spiral Cage on a cotton necklace 
  • 1 booklet explaining each stone & how it helps that chakra. As well as a simple meditation to align your chakras. Great for beginners learning about crystal properties. 

All crystals have been smudged and cleansed before shipping. 

Root chakra stone: Red Jasper
Sacral chakra stone: Carnelian
Solar Plexus chakra stone: Yellow Aventurine
Heart chakra stone: Green Aventurine
Throat chakra stone: Lapis Lazuli 
Third Eye chakra stone: Amethyst
Crown chakra stone: Clear Quartz

It is best to use crystals with an open and positive mind for best results. 

Our crystals have been cleansed with sage smoke & charged under a full moon for you prior to shipping.

As these included items are natural products there may be slight variability in the sizing, shape, and colors of the items.

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