About Me

Hello, I am the mindful Bohemian. I practice Mindfulness, live a creative, vegan indie lifestyle with my family in California and enjoy travel.

I identify with the term Mindful Bohemian (click for description), which is how the name came about. My Mother first introduced me to mindfulness during her lessons at the buddhagate Monastary near our home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here she followed the teachings of Buddha and the monks and brought them home to me. She regularly practiced spirituality, sage cleansing our home, crystal charging, etc...I grew up with this awareness. Then, in my 3rd year at CSU, I took an internship at the Academy of Mindful Psychology before graduating with my B.A. This furthered my practice of mindfulness and meditation, I also took up MBSR training for my own health and well-being. I suffer from three debilitating chronic diseases and try to manage my symptoms holistically. 

I'd say I fit right in with the literal meaning of the word Bohemian. I paint, I sing, I have my own music and songs written you can find online. I have original artwork that can be purchased. I would agree I don't fit in with society's lifestyle norms. I have never fit the "mold" and I have no desire to. I am creative, I must create or my spark burns out inside.

I have seen many competitors peddling goods to my kind, that do not identify with the lifestyle. It makes my head spin - the sell buddhas but have never meditated and do not know the teachings of the buddha. They sell these things for profit only, they support no cause. I was mindful of these feelings and during meditation the universe brought me a solution. I decided to be the change. I needed to be, I needed a way to work from home doing something I was passionate about - that I could also do around my illness. I wanted to do something where I could help humanity and donate, too. I knew I wanted these things.

It really unfolded organically for me once I set my intentions. I decided to open my own shop and curate pieces that are relevant to MY lifestyle, that I have found throughout my travels and which come from worldly place - made by hands from different origins. I hope you vibe with these items I curate that speak to me, they're not entirely conventional but Mindful Bohemian isn't... 

I have recently opened and I want to acknowledge your presence and participation in my journey. I am shipping directly from worldly suppliers, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc...they all go through Asian ports so I can offer worldwide shipping at an affordable price. I am working on shipping time and considering a US based fulfillment center to offer even faster domestic shipping... things have been moving quickly. This is all part of the journey.

I am happy to say I have had many happy customers, my goal is to curate quality Mindful Bohemian goods to the Bohemians and creatives of the world at reasonable prices, that I myself would love. I also have my original art and several original Mindful Bohemian pieces available. Yes, this is unconventional. Yes, it is a work in progress. I am grateful to create a like minded community. I want to share my lifestyle and grow with you. I hope to have more YouTube and original content, too. 

I want to share this lifestyle with you, follow my travels, fashions, and inspos on my Instagram. I am under The Rose Peddler on Facebook - I appreciate feedback and want to create a community. I want to share many things with you, I am so glad to have you on this journey. I curate pieces throughout my journey and bring them from suppliers to you!




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