11pc Calm Premium Crystal Healing Setcrystal

11pc Calm Premium Crystal Healing Set

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Whether physical or mental, everyone experiences stress at times in their life, some more than others. When this happens, it can be challenging to calm your mind and find balance again. The crystals in this set have been hand-selected to encourage peace and serenity, creating a sense of "calm".


  • HIGHEST QUALITY STONES: We travel to the source to carefully hand-select each crystal for its beauty and metaphysical qualities, ensuring that you are receiving the best stones available.
  • PREMIUM VALUE: Your set includes rough Kyanite, 8 tumbled stones (Amethyst, Lepidolite, Fluorite, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite, Black Obsidian, Amazonite - some with Smoky Quartz inclusions, White Howlite) and two cleansing/smudge tools (Sage and Selenite Tower). The photos are an accurate representation of the quality of the stones you will receive. Crystals vary in shape and size from 3/4"-2".
  • PRE-CLEANSED: Healing crystals pick up energy and it's important that they are cleansed frequently. We've taken the first step and done this for you so they arrive ready to use. However, we recommend that you continue cleansing them regularly using the provided tools.
  • MEMORABLE GIFT: Beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift. Includes box, double stitched velvet bag (traditionally used to protect crystals from outside energies), and an informational guide listing each stone's properties and cleansing/activation instructions. Great for meditation, chakra healing, yoga, Reiki, spiritual practice, and/or home decor.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours with a solution.


  • Kyanite - Aligns the chakras, restores life force energy, alleviates stress, spiritually grounding.
  • Amethyst - Calms the mind, dissipates anger, encourages restful sleep, blocks negatively.
  • Lepidolite - Contains trace amounts of lithium (anti-anxiety), fosters a tranquil mind and spirit, balances mood, aids with sleep issues.
  • Fluorite - Stabilizes emotions, reduces negative energy, dispels all types of stress, promotes balance. Note: Fluorite ranges in color from green to violet to mixed in color.
  • Sodalite - Diminishes mental chatter, clears up confusion, harmonizes emotions, provides an opening for new insights, reduces panic attacks and sensitivities.
  • Black Obsidian - Absorbs negative energies, combats mental stress, supports grounding.
  • Smoky Quartz - Offers stress relief, raises positive vibrations, quiets fear and emotions, allows one to let go.
  • Amazonite (some with Smoky Quartz) - Soothing, calming, relaxes the nervous system, drives away worry and fear. Inclusions of Smoky Quartz enhance relaxation and healing properties.
  • White Howlite - Calms the overactive mind, supports restful sleep, helps you release your "triggers".

Cleansing Tools Sampler Set:
White Sage (smudging) - Purify both your crystals and the environment. 3"-4" stick. We recommend using a candle to light.
Selenite Tower - 2".

Note: As natural specimens, crystals slightly vary in look and size. However, the quality will never be compromised.

Crystal provides Earth's most powerful energy tools for connecting matter and spirit, supporting you to fulfill your dreams and reach your highest potential.

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