Restore, Reset, Reconnect

New Year, new leaf! 🌷

After a busy season of socializing and celebrating the holidays, it’s very important that we find time to reconnect with ourselves and re-establish our inner space. January is the perfect time to hit that reset button so that we can enter the new year feeling recharged and refreshed.

In order to reconnect with ourselves, we must first disconnect. That means making time and creating space to be with ourselves. In an age where our inner and outer space are encroached upon as never before, by technology, media, and advertising, it can seem quite a radical act to disconnect -- but the benefits it offers us are manifold. Here are a few ideas to guide you this month:

🌱 Schedule solitude.

Solitude has a crucial role to play in helping us to recharge. Prioritize some time spent in your own company, and plan something nourishing for yourself -- it could be as simple as a cup of tea in your local café, or a solo stroll through the park. Use the time to reflect on your intentions for the new year.

🌱 Take a digital detox.

For as many days as you can manage, unplug from technology. Put down your phone. Disconnect from the internet. Bring your focus back to the people and places around you. Give your brain a holiday from the constant stream of information it is inundated with.

🌱 Provide space for silence.

Silence restores the senses and recharges the mind and body. Stepping away from the distractions and stimulations of life every now and again can do us the world of good. A silent mindfulness retreat can offer refuge and space to turn inwards. We may also find it rejuvenates the relationship we have with ourselves.

🌱 Just relax and release.

Slow down, and take time to be, rather than to do. Give yourself permission to be idle, and to experience periods of openness that you aren’t trying to shape with expectations or fill with thoughts and actions. Relaxation slows down brain waves, which refreshes and renews the brain's chemistry.

🌱 Establish a regular mindfulness practice.

We can extend the benefits of a new year reset by carving out the time to dedicate ourselves to daily mindfulness practice. The more we practice, we are better connected to ourselves and our intentions, which guide the direction of our lives.

This article was first published on London Mindful. Minor edits were done by Mindful Bohemian.

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