July 31st – The Black Supermoon

A black moon is the second new moon of the month- which doesn't happen often. Last time we saw this was in 2016. The next one won't happen until Jan. 31, 2022.

Prepare for a HUGE energy shift to end the month of July!

Ready to reconnect to your passion? The new moon tonight, July 31, 2019, at 8:12 pm PT will be a nourishing reboot for your soul. Spinning on the tail of some heavy and exhausting eclipse energy, this new moon ignites positive spiritual growth while offering a new lease on love, creativity, and emotional fulfillment.

The new moon is in sidereal Cancer, in the area of the sky called Pushya, the star of nourishment. Symbolized by a blooming lotus flower, or the milk-giving udder of a cow, this nakshatra is a heavenly source of spiritual and emotional nourishment.

An ancient Hindu deity named Brihaspati, who dwells in Pushya is a powerful teacher, protector and the “guru of the gods.” This new moon transmits timeless spiritual wisdom to those who seek it and can heighten emotional awareness of those in need. It’s a time to care for gardens, cook nourishing meals, and treat yourself and others with an extra dose of compassion.

Take heed, the new moon is conjoined Venus, the guru of love and intimacy, and willful Mars. Debilitated Mars in Cancer amplifies passion, but also ignites reactivity and jealousy, especially on the dark moon days before the new moon. Apprehension, commitment fears, and trust issues may rise to the surface for clearing.

Mercury stations direct on July 31 (just a few hours after the new moon) ending delays and clearing obstructions in communication. An auspicious gaze (Drishti) of expansive Jupiter gives this new moon a healing balm of hope in the midst of anxiety. Jupiter will turn direct on August 11, increasing optimism and giving a much-needed dose of motivation for finishing projects and reaching goals in the weeks to come.

Venus has disappeared from the morning sky and is now consumed in the blinding rays of the sun (combust). This can be a treacherous time for relationship and money matters. If something’s been lacking in your life it will suddenly seem more apparent at this time. Happiness and satisfaction increases by late September, when Venus reappears as the auspicious evening Star.

As the moon waxes, open to the nourishment of connection and unity with the world around you. August is a month for healing the heart, letting your guard down, and reconnecting to your passion.

**This article was originally written by Kari Field. Minor edits have been made by Mindful Bohemian.

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