Develop a Zen Attitude in 3 Easy Ways

To live in the moment is a clichéd concept that has found many personalities throwing the phrase around like daffodils in a flower market. But, if you ask a monk in Buddhist monastery inundated by a superficial sense of composure about the essence of this phrase, you will have the answer.

Zen attitude refers to being mindfully aware of the moment one is living in presently. This, monks believe, helps in releasing stress, frustration, anxiety, and anger. If you want to develop the Zen attitude, follow these three easy steps we have listed down below.


Control What You Can

For most of us consumed by the responsibilities of social living, finding peace is a distant dream, but it is definitely not a task. Keep in mind that you are the only entity that you can control fully. Your actions, thoughts, and feelings can be easily controlled and changed as you please. What you cannot control despite best efforts is what other people think or do. So, keep your focus on yourself instead of others. And whenever possible, take control of measurable things because when you empower yourself to take control of things, you are overwhelmed by an adeptness to stay calm.


Avoid Mind Chatter

The mind is never at peace. Our inner voice is constantly yapping away so much that a lot of times we do not even notice the dialogue.  For many people, the inner chatter consists of unconstructive self-talk, which lacks love, compassion and care and thereby, builds a bigger bridge between you and peace. Do a self-test by taking out 15 minutes to closely watch the inner dialogue. If your thoughts are self-limiting, change them to encouraging and positive reviews about yourself.


Connect with Purpose

Connecting with people to create inner peace and give it back to the world can help you increase your feelings of purpose. Sign up for a yoga or meditation class or prayer group. You may also join a group online. When you volunteer to concentrate your attention on others instead of your inner chatter, you will turn more altruistic than self-centered and thereby, a step closer to peace.

When you are on your journey to attain peace, remember that it is not a passive, idealistic state that only some “lucky” people achieve. Peace is a state of balance between the mind, body, and heart and it can be achieved by being a little more mindful.



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