Essential Rules For A Happy Life

What I know for sure is that a full life asks us to: Love hard, live our purpose, don’t take ourselves too seriously, laugh often, cry when it hurts, move at our own pace, find peace early, don’t judge, be yourself all of the time, approach our fears with not yet curiosity and BREAK THE RULES ALL OF THE TIME.

Let's begin...

🌈 Love hard because there is no other way to experience the fullness of life.

🌈 Live your purpose because that’s what we are here to do. Our purposes are connected. When we each align with our purposes, the world becomes a better place through our connectedness and the goodwill we extend to each other.

🌈 Have Faith because positive thinking starts with living your life with faith over fear. Although they are both completely different, they share something in common – they both create a future that hasn’t happened yet. Fear is an illusion and keeps you from living your best life. Fear feeds off of your insecurities and is a poisoned extension of worry. You cannot live a happy life full of fear at the same time. When you let go of fear and upgrade to faith, life becomes richer – filled with miracles and blessings every single ding dang day! 😉 The choice seems easy enough. The choice is yours.

🌈 Laugh. Laugh often. Laugh at life because sometimes that’s all you can do in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Laugh because in the process of scaling that thing, you know, you are going to fall up the steps at least once. Laugh until you cry.

🌈 And don’t be afraid to cry when it hurts. That’s life and that feeling is a broken heart, disappoint, fear. And now that you’ve felt that emotion, know that you’ve also felt love. You’ve loved hard. Only when you’ve loved hard will the pain of loss elicit tears. Tears aren’t reserved for pain. Happiness can induce tears. Those tears are a reflection of gratitude.

🌈 Keep trying. Being persistent is one of the biggest keys to success. If you keep going and going and going eventually you will reach the destination you desire. For a successful, happy life you must not only incorporate positive thinking but positive action. This is where your true passion resides. Your dreams are just desires until you take action. It starts the fun, co-creative process. Most of the time when you talk to people who aren’t happy, they usually are full of regrets – regrets that they did not take action when it was necessary. Let go of the fear of failure, do it and keep going! 🙂

🌈 We don’t need to rush any parts of our lives. Everything comes in its own time. Be in the present moment. I know everyone says, be in the moment. They say it because they’ve experienced the rewards of being in the moment. When you are in the moment, connected to your surroundings, open to the possibilities of the experience (everything is an experience), the rewards are endless. What rewards? Peace. Joy. Fullness. Even in moments of discord and disjuncture, being in the moment can give clarity of purpose. If an experience does not bring positivity into your life, the clarity you gain from being in that moment frees you to disconnect from it. You can move on with peace, at your own pace.

🌈 Keep it simple. Happiness lies in simplicity. In fact, they are best friends so get used to the two hanging out with you. So, call off the search party, a happy life may be right in front of you. Happiness can be found in the smallest things that we are blessed with every single day. When we open our eyes to the happiness that is right in front of us, you know those “simple” things that we can sometimes take for granted, we can be happy every day. We live each day in gratitude and find joy in simplicity we can live a happy life. Living a happy life is feeling good during the journey AND when we reach the destination.

🌈 Find peace early; peace in the process of becoming. Find peace in knowing that wherever we are today, we possess the innate ability to shift directions to become whatever else we dream. Find peace in the change.

🌈 Don’t judge! You never know what others are experiencing unless that tell you. Likewise, your experiences are yours, others can’t share in them absent an invitation. Once, I spent a year, making decisions about ending relationships, without the benefit of the knowledge, of what those I was removing from my life where going through. I was focused on my experiences, what I’d lost, who had abandoned me and my hurts, to the disadvantage of others. I wasn’t considerate of others. My judgment was based on selfish inconsideration. Don’t judge. Ask for what you need. Give consideration to others, we are all living in the same crazy world.

🌈 Be yourself. Show up as who you are every day, everywhere. When we are authentic, we encourage the authenticity of others. We attract genuine connections. We give reverence to the imperfection of humanness. You are, we are enough! Be yourself. Give the world the benefit of knowing you.

🌈 Embrace fear with curiosity. I believed fear was a warning sign. And it can be. However, often, it’s an opportunity to grow. If a thing scares you, size up the risks, and make a determination to go forward.

🌈 Break the rules. Break limiting rules. Rules are guidelines intended to set a standard not to limit our growth. So, when the rules don’t work throw them out and start over.

🌈 Stay Youthful as a kid. Speaking of children, they really hold the wisdom of youth in their daily habits. Spend a day with a child and you will learn the secrets of a happy life. They teach us that we should stress less and play, dance, run, sing, laugh, and love more. They have big hearts and know how to have a good time.

What some of us know for sure is, life expands when we are open to its possibilities.

These suggestions are guidelines I have lived by, not intended to limit or direct instead, they are a consideration for how to live your best life. Why is this important? Why does it matter? Because we each want to live our best lives. These guidelines support the process.

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