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I have had the delight of becoming friends with a Monk in Thailand on Instagram recently. His pages is @search_for_inner_peace and he has shared some teachings with me and has an amazing and inpirational page. In the temple they do great things for the community and via ripple effect, the world. This is a great cause that Mindful Bohemian donates too, as they practice many of the core values and teachings of mindfulness and share it with others - but I also hope that you can donate too. If you cannot, your purchase this month will help. Thank you so much! To learn more check out the GOFUNDME

He states that, "As a monk we are not allowed to earn money and have to rely on donations to provide the means for tools that we use eveyday(even simple tools like saws, drills, most of it its really old and dangerous,even paint for the temples and more more....) and to help feed and take care of all the dogs. In a temple we are not allowed to harm any living being so we try our best to feed all the dogs, but they also need veterinary help and medicine... etc. Whether you can give or not I offer you blessings and share my merit with you."

Please visit the page and share the link, if you cannot donate but wish to help. 


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