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Print of Soul Eater Moon Painting - Mindful Bohemian

Print of Soul Eater Moon Painting

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The Original Painting Sold.

Limited Edition prints come in a gloss slip cover to protect quality, each print is numbered & signed by the artist, me! I have one size in stock, only 500 will ever be made available to the public for purchase.

Prints can be made to order, you will need to contact me via e-mail Please put "ETSY CUSTOMER" in the subject section so I do not delete or spam your e-mail. You can order prints on canvas so they are textured, you can order them in any size as well. Price varies based on size, material, etc... They can usually be made-to-order within a week.

Prints are available of almost every painting of mine. They are an affordable alternative to buying an original painting.

Materials: Acrylic Paint,Canvas,Scanner,Slip Cover,Cardboard,Printer,Ink,Brushes,Digital Copy,Red,yellow,blue,white Please Note: Some of our products are hand died, handmade, hang dry and delicate in nature. Some items must be dry clean only - we are not responsible for your items if you do not wash them properly and therefore damage them during washing. Click this Link For FREE Personalized Astrology and Numerology Readings >>>


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