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Personalized Pet Portrait (Made To Order)

Lil Lisa Love

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Pet Portraits are extremely life like and have a LOT of texture and layers of paint, great for pet lovers!!!! The time it takes to paint varies, I am a perfectionist when it comes to pet portraits because they are very personal & special! Pet Portraits really come to life on the canvas and make a great addition to any home!

Contact me via e-mail at, please put "PET PORTRAIT" in the subject line so your e-mail does not get sent to spam or deleted.

This is a Personalized Pet Portrait. Pet owner's can choose a favorite photo of their pet (One with good, sharp details, lots of pixels, fairly large or blown up). You can send it to me or e-mail it, choose a size for the portrait (This one is VERY large), choose back ground color/colors, etc...

This original painting is NOT FOR SALE, I am using this as an example, which is why I listed it so HIGH, in hopes that no one would purchase it... Prices Vary based on supplies, canvas size, generally 2.00/sq inch plus cost of canvas. Shipping Prices Will Vary.

Materials: Canvas,Acrylic,brushes,time,love,imagination,photo reference,personalized,pets,detail,talent,yellow,white

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