Must HAVE Vacation MODE Beach Hat! free people boho chic
Must HAVE Vacation MODE Beach Hat!

Must HAVE Vacation MODE Beach Hat!

Mindful Bohemian

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Unisex item! This hat, a blended tropical fruit smoothie, the beach, one of my 100% cotton roundies,barefeet and a good book - yes please! I'll take 3 hours of this and a nap! It is just what the doctor ordered! This is the best sunhat I may have ever seen. PLUS! It's 50% off retail NOW!

5% of your purchase is donated to a good cause. Thank you SO MUCH for shopping small with me, Namaste & gratitude!

Material: Straw,Cotton,Polyester
Color: White,Black,Pink,Brown,Gray,Beige
Size: 56-58cm
Gender: Unisex,Men,Women
Style: Casual
Material: Straw

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