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I had to have this for myself, so I thought why not have it for the shop! It's a limited edition item! There are also some photos here of happy customers! I love a margarita blended and this shirt just is fantastic, do you agree?

Get it before it's gone, I had so many sad emails about the sandals that disappeared. You have to get these items while they last. As always, 5% of your purchase is donated to a good cause. Thank you SO much for shopping small with me, supporting a person and not a corporation. Don't forget I offer a rewards program for loyalty and I am always stocking new items weekly! Gratitude and blessings, Namaste!

Please Note: Some of our products are hand died, handmade, hang dry and delicate in nature. Some items must be dry clean only - we are not responsible for your items if you do not wash them properly and therefore damage them during washing.


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