Brightlife Mardigras Acrylic Abstract

Brightlife Mardigras Acrylic Abstract

Lil Lisa Love

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This is a one-of-a-kind still life in the Bright Life Collection. A Collection of still life's in techni-color. It is a large piece with flowing colors, great to add life & vibrant color to that special space! NO prints will be made of this painting, it is the only one of it in the universe! Special & spectacular! Shipping Prices May Vary.MARDI GRAS - (ACRYLIC on Canvas) This piece was a still life assignment while Lisa attended Diablo Valley College. The items in the painting are her personal belongings and choice of subject matter. It reflects an interesting phase of her life. She was younger, added abstraction and color to the still life. This piece was painted on easel. This and other pieces can be purchased at

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